Eczema Cure - Is It Possible?

You'll find lots of helpful information about eczema, the various types of eczema and the options for treatment. But is it possible to actually cure eczema? The orthodox view is that an eczema cure is not possible. People are genetically predisposed to developing eczema.

It's classed as a chronic condition and the treatment plan is to avoid aggravating external factors. Examples of aggravating factors are the sun, sweat, dust and heat.

Alternative Eczema Treatments

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Not all alternative medicine systems would agree that an eczema cure is not possible. Homeopathy, for example, accepts that an eczema cure is possible. Most classical homeopaths would strongly advise against external medication such as topical steroids. Their main treament would be to give internal remedies and these are prescribed on an individual basis taking into account the full case history of the patient.

Naturopaths would have a similar view and believe that internal cleansing (such as juice fasts) and a healthy diet can cure a condition like eczema.

Some Possible Alternatives are:

  • acupuncture
  • autogenic training
  • aromatherapy
  • herbal medicine, both Western and Chinese
  • homeopathy
  • hypnotherapy
  • nutritional supplements
  • reflexology.

Orthodox Eczema Treatment

Along with avoiding aggravating factors, the orthodox treatment involves applying topical remedies to the skin and taking internal medicines to manage the inflammation.

Topical applications include steroids to reduce inflammation and emollients (moisturizers) to prevent the skin becoming too dry. Soap substitutes are also recommended since soap dries out the skin.

Orthodox or Alternative Treatment - Your Choice

Whether you look at alternative treaments or orthodox treaments, you'll find some people who have been successful with that treatment and some who haven't. Personally, I always try alternative treatments first and only go to an orthodox treatment if I'm unsuccessful. Alternative methods generally take the whole person into account and are usually less toxic. I believe that a lot of orthodox treatment suppresses symptoms rather than actually curing the disease. On the other hand, when you are suffering from a severe symptom, you just want to get rid of it!

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