Alternative Eczema Cures – Are They An Alternative?

More and more people are looking into alternative therapies to cure their eczema and particularly if they have tried orthodox treatments and had no success. There have been some studies to find out why people are considering alternative therapies. The most popular reasons are:

  • The ineffectiveness of orthodox treatments
  • The undesirable side-effects produced by orthodox treatments
  • The poor communication and relationship with their doctor.

Unlike orthodox treatments, some alternative therapies actually claim to cure eczema. However, the scientific evidence for these cures is mostly anecdotal and isn't accepted by orthodox medical researchers. Let's review some of the possible alternative therapies.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a very old tradition which is used alongside modern medical treatments in China. Chinese herbal medicine is one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is based upon a completely different view of health to modern medicine. TCM considers disease to be an imbalance in the energy system of the body. The goal of TCM is to restore balance.

The treatments of Chinese herbal medicine take the form of mixtures of herbs administered in the form of dried herbs which are boiled to make a tea, freeze dried powdered herbs which can just be mixed with hot water or various kinds of tablets and tinctures.

In the case of Chinese herbs, considerable research has been undertaken which has shown positive results for Chinese herbs in treating eczema. Symptoms such as itching, redness and inflammation and quality of sleep all improved.

One study by Dr. David Atherton, a dermatologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK found that his eczema patients improved dramatically with Chinese herbs whereas they had not responded to orthodox treatment.

As with most alternative therapies, the Chinese herbal prescription is based upon a full consultation and may be different for each patient. For this reason, it's important to consult a qualified Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. Chinese herbs are easy and safe to take. However, as with any treatment, some individuals may have a bad reaction to particular herbs. If this occurs, you should stop taking them and consult your practitioner.


Recent research has shown that homeopathy is particularly effective in treating skin conditions and allergies. As well as the symptoms of eczema improving, the patients also felt better psychologically. In one study the improvement of symptoms was marked and lasted for up to eight years.

Homeopathic prescriptions are specific for each individual case and consist of highly diluted substances (made from plant, mineral and animal sources). The remedy is said to stimulate the body's own natural healing system. Because homeopathic remedies are so dilute, they are very safe to take and are normally given as tablets, granules, powders or in liquid form. Babies and children are normally very responsive to homeopathic medicines.

Choosing the correct remedy for any individual is the art of homeopathy and requires great skill. For a chronic skin condition you should always consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner.


The purpose of hypnotherapy is to induce an altered state of deep relaxation which allows communication with the unconscious mind in order to make changes in unwanted emotions and habits. Hypnosis has been found very helpful in the treatment of eczema since it can help to manage stress and to stop habits like scratching which aggravate the eczema.

Stress is a known trigger for eczema. Since the eczema itself is a stressful condition, a vicious cycle is formed. Research has found that hypnotherapy can also help to manage pain and discomfort and to promote restful sleep. Hypnotherapy can help to manage negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

I hope this short introduction to possible alternative eczema cures has opened your eyes to some of the possibilities. I've covered the therapies which have had the most research done into them. Of course, there are many other alternative therapies which you may find helpful such as reflexology, aromatherapy, nutritional supplements and various dietary approaches.

As well as controlling eczema symptoms, alternative therapies are well known for their benefits in helping you to have a greater sense of well-being and to improve your health in general rather than just to remove symptoms.

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